Blog 2 The first few days

Labas Everybody

The first few days in Lithuanian were hopefully the most exhausting ones. It started on Friday when we arrived on the airport. We drove with a bus to an accommodation in a forest. On our way I talked with 2 Lithuanian girls who went last year on exchange to the Netherlands and who spoke fluent Dutch. Sometimes it is so good to talk with people in your own language because talking in other language is exhausting. On this camp we learned our first Lithuanian words, learned a traditional Lithuanian dance, eat a lot of special Lithuanian things, met our host family’s, made new friends, learned and saw that Lithuanian students have an interesting way of dancing and a lot other weird and nice things. The other exchange students are from: Chile, Argentina, Germany, Turkey, Australia and The United States.

My host family is really cosy and sociable. My sister Mirra can speak for her age very good English what is nice, my little brother Allan can only speak Russian, my other brother Natan I didn’t met yet because he is on holiday in Turkey, my mother Romanna speaks if I am right Lithuanian, Russian, Estonian and English and my host father Sergej speaks Russian, Lithuanian and English. I think that they talk Russian at home, but to be honest I am not sure because I can’t understand it and do not know whether it is Russian, Lithuanian or Estonian J

This week I went to the supermarket where they were playing this Dutch song: “Een kind van de duivel”.  I biked to visit some schools, played some basketball with Mirra and Alyssa (Exchange student from Germany) and her sisters. I also played a lot with our dog Bem (what your pronounce or say as Biem, Beamer or Biema)

Sveikinimai Lotte from Lithuania


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