Blog 4 Aš gyvenu Lietuvoje (English)

Blog 4 Aš gyvenu Lietuvoje

Hello Everybody

Maybe I will write more then once a month a blog, but I don’t think that is a problem for you guys to see more photo’s and story’s

I start today’s blog with school. On school I am doing kind of really well, I have pretty good grades. Uhmmm.. jeah that was something I neither understood, but I am translating my tests and then I am trying to make the test with things I know. Until now this is going quite well. Of course I also have English and French  and with my general knowledge and my HAVO certificate I can make these tests.

The schooldays starts at 8:00 en mostly it ends around 16:00. The lessons take around 45/50 minutes en between each lesson they have a 10/15 minutes break. As lunch they have a hot meal at school, (what I really do not like that much so I take my own lunch). The Lithuanian language is going kind of OK I guess, I already did 2 presentations in Lithuanian, One about myself and the other about my families. Furthermore I get private lessons in Lithuanian twice a week and I am still motivated to learn this incomprehensible language.


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Just after I finished my last blog my practice schedule completely changed. At the moment I train 6 times a week with the club and 2 times on school what hopefully will be a little more. I train 2 a week with Fortuna, these are older and stronger girls. Mostly I go by bike or by bus to the training in the afternoon, but this will change to the to the evening. If I am going by bike (like a typical Dutch girl) I have to put my bike on the court in the gym. This because they warned me that the bike might be stolen when left outside (also typical Dutch).  

Further also in The Netherlands you have your good and bad days and at the moment I just had a bad period. This was because during the practice my right knee started to hurt. At the moment I will take some days rest and I am doing exercises to make my legs and knees stronger. The reason that my knees hurts (according to my coach) because I do easy things like running en squatting with the wrong technique, so I am practicing to improve that. Because of these wrong technique my body is loaded in the wrong which is causing pain. But basketball makes my days (because of the boring schooldays) so this was this hard for me. Luckily I recovered faster then and at the moment it is going a lot better. Tomorrow I will check with my trainer how we can increase my trainings again.

Sometimes communicating is really, really hard. For example I have a basketball coach who speaks lesser English then I speak Lithuanian. Another example: a few days ago I wanted to know if I should go to practice on Monday, normally my host mother communicates with my trainer about that. But my host mom was in Talinn.. So I send her a message in (what I thought was) Lithuanian. I didn’t think she understand what I ment because she didn’t respond at all. I was kind of proud about it because I wrote it myself, but my family and friends taught It was very funny…


The last weekends I made some trips with my family and friends. Two weekends ago I went with my family and 2 other exchange students from Germany (Alyssa and Jasmin) to the beach, and we also visited a German bunker. Last weekend some friends from my parents came over from Estonia. We went together to a dolphin show, what you can compare with the Dolfinarium in The Netherlands. Last weekend was kind of busy Saturday we went outside for the whole day. We started in the morning with a walk in the forest/park where there were some playgrounds, art pieces and a maze.  After that we went to a Japanese garden. Nobody wanted to really go - only my host dad. We first drank some Japanese tea and walked around. Because nobody really liked it, it became a lot funnier when my youngest brother (Allan) fell into the mud. We we all were done with it we drove back to Klaipeda and ate something in the city center and ater that we went home.

Hopefully you all liked my blog, I really wanted to hear if you have questions for me. Because I really need inspiration about what to write about and what you guys like to read. So if you have tips or ideas just send me a text.

Regards Lotte who is still in happy in Lithuania (also when the weather is bad)


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