Blog 5 Home alone

Blog 5 Home alone

Thursday my host family came home from a 1,5 week holiday in Turkey. I have never been alone for such a long time. I had to do groceries, making food, doing the wash, cleaning, take care of the animals and amuse myself. Things, which I never had to do before.

What was kind of sad is that the dog also had to stay at home. Not because I do not like the dog but because  I am also out of the house all day. I leave at 7:25 to school and come home around 16:00. Then after an hour I leave for practice and then I am back around 20:00 after practice and doing shopping. Now I also realise why we don’t have a dog at home in The Netherlands, because such an animal really needs attention. Monday I went out with Biema at 3:30 AM because he was crying during the night, so I only slept for 3 hours…

My family had put some food for me in the fridge what I could eat, but at a certain moment you are getting crazy from meatballs, fish burgers and vegetable wraps. So I went 4 times to this sushi place with some of my teammates after practice. Despite being home alone a lot, I wasn’t bored these weeks. The first days Jasmin came by. And a girl from my team (Saule) just got a surgery on her knee, so she got home schooling, having a lot of spare time – just like me. We both can’t play games at the moment because she is injured and my papers were not fixed yet. So we went to eat sushi, watch Neptunus games, work out in the gym and to the sports accommodations and a lot of other nice things.

Further you guys had a lot questions . I am going to answer those in blog 5½.         

See you later!


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