Blog 5 ½ You can ask me everything

Blog 5 ½   You can ask my everything

Next to my “normal” blog, I will try to post a blog in which  I will respond to questions. So if you have questions text me, mail, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, send me a letter whatever you want. There are no weird questions, because I already got those about the Netherlands and also I love to answer those.

1. Do you have different school subjects or is it similar with what you had in The Netherlands?

Most subjects are the same but there are some extra subjects that we don’t have in The Netherlands. For example: Tourism (Where I learn things about other country’s and learn how to cook things from those country’s), Ethics (What is similar to philosophy of life) Furthermore I also have psychology and English debate. Maybe the most important lesson: Lithuanian: I have 6 lessons in a week and 2 extra private lessons.

2. How are the teachers and how do they deal with you?

 Most teachers are oke and mostly speak next to Lithuanian also a little English, French or German. They really want to help me with learning Lithuanian and involve me on what we are working on. Of course there is always a teacher were you don’t have any connection with, my xxxx teacher. She became mad because, according to her I wasn’t doing anything in her lesson, which was not true. We had to draw something what I did. But this subject is in Dutch already hard so trying to follow it in Lithuanian.  It is not a problem that she can’t speak English but she can try to communicate with me through other students.  She said it is stupid that I am going to a Lithuanian school if I can’t speak Lithuanian and she doesn’t understand what I am doing here. She shouted this to me in Lithuanian, fortunately my classmates started to defend me. Because I am not disturbing other students and try to do what I can do. Meanwhile, she was killing fly’s with a book during a test, I don’t know what is more annoying, but that is my humble opinion.

3. School discipline and manners: are they stricter or that is similar in The Netherlands?

 In some prospects it is a lot stricter: each day they ask me at least one time why I am not wearing a school uniform, but the director of my school said I do not have to wear it. They are also saying good morning/ good afternoon to teachers who pass you by. Some teachers allow you to sit down after they told you to. But it less strict when you are having a test: they allow  books on the table, notebooks, phones, students consulting each other about answers. The grades are also different they have 1 till 10 but only the complete numbers, so not 7,5 or 8.2.

4. Do you play games with the older girls(Fortuna)?

No, at the moment I can’t play at all. At the beginning of the year I played a few games because it was for the final-four and not that official.

5.How is you dog doing (Biema)?

Biem was lonely this week, so when I came home at the evening/night he needed a lot of attention. He is so sweet and cute I sometimes went out with him at 3:00 in the night. At some moment I was done with letting him out in the middle of the night, because it ruined my sleep.

6. Are you going out for dinner (Mac Donald’s or pizzeria etc.), cinema, museum etc.?

Sometimes I am going out with friends to eat something; most of the time we are having sushi, pizza or sometimes Lithuanian food. I am trying to eat healthy and McDonald’s doesn’t fit in that picture and pizza neither. When we are going to eat with my family, then we mostly have Russian or Lithuanian food. (I will make some photo’s next time). Going to the cinema is not very expensive compared with the Netherlands, but the problem is that films are not always in English. What we do a lot with the basketball team is going to Neptunus’ game because the team has some (free) season cards.


7.Do you siblings and parents all have their own bike?

Yes, and they also had an extra bike, which is now the one I use. But they don’t bike a lot, because you really have to lock it well or put it in a place where it cannot be stolen. I am using my bike the most, to go to practice because I can put it inside the gym. Unfortunately it is starting to get dark early and I don’t have lights so I either have to get lights, or go by bus.

 8.Is you family strict Roman Catholic and are you going with them to the church? 

My family is Christian but they are not going to the church, my mother said she never went with here kids and husband. But all here kids have Godparents

9. How and which celebration days do they have in Lithuania?

Untill now I celebrated 2 special days, the first day of school (I told about in blog 4) and teacher’s day. We celebrated this by students giving lessons in a creative way to other students and teachers.

10. Are they eating healthier then in The Netherlands?

Sometimes, I think I eat healthier then at home, but lesser varied. What I am drinking here is milk, water, once and a day lemonade and apple juice. Further no candies, cookies, junk food and chips. Do I have to continue? I am eating more vegetables and fruits then at home and we don’t have pizza Saturday anymore. I have once a week a ‘cheat day” then I often go eating with friends somewhere, this is mostly sushi.

11. Can you teach us some Lithuanian words?

Definitely, if you’re sending the next time some words, because I don’t know what is interesting to know.

Labas/Sveikas = Hello

Mano vardas Lotte = I am Lotte

(Labai) A?i? = Thank you

Kaip sekasi? = How are you?

A?i?, gerai = Thanks good/oke

A?i?, negerai = thanks not good

Aš esu iš Olandijos = I am from The Netherlands

Langas = free hour on school/window

Taip = yes

Ne = no

Atsiprašau = Sorry

Labas rytas = Good morning

Laba diena = Good afternoon

Labas vakaras = Good evening

Labanaktis = Good night


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