Blog 8 Holidays

Blog 8 Holidays

Sorry that it took so long till i posted this blog, but we had celebrationdays and we had to say goodbye to two exchange students: One from Australia and one from The United States of America what is always hard. Last time it wasn’t easy at all. I had the feeling i was alone, but in theory i was with a lot of people. There was a lot of family and friends around me but it it feels really weird to celebrate these special days not in “normal” circumstances.

With Christmas we went to the sister from my mom in Estonia, this is around 8 hours by car. Talinn is a very beautifu city, a lot more Scandiniavian then Klaipeda or Lithuania in general. A lot of coloured houses, old buildings but also modern ones. The feeling of being in the ikea was more in Estonia then in that i have in Lithuania, you can see that in the kitchen, furniture, buildings etc. When we were in Estonia we went to the movie: Jumanji with the whole family, which is included: My family with Biema, 2 sisters of Romanna with their husbands and kids, and Romanna’s mother. It was a English movie with Russian subtitles. We also iceskated with my family and our niece which is from Mirra’s age, this was really funny because i didn’t do iceskating in ages, but i still could do it.

We celebrate Christmas kinda similar as how we would celebrate it in the netherlands, with family, a christmas tree and a lot of food. What is diffrent here is that my family in the netherlands don’t give present with Christmas but with “Sinterklaas”. If you got a present you had to do a small presentation: sing a song, read a poem, do a dance, plaaying guitar etc. In the evening they sung karaoke in Russian. Further it was hard to communicate because everyone communicated in Russian, but like my Russian is maybe 5-10 words. In Estonia they don’t speak Lithuanian of course, My Russian vocabulary became a little bigger. I am kind of proud about that, i can’t write it but i can say it so that’s great enough i guess.

Koechat = There is food ready

Babuschka = Grandmother

Maladjetz = Good job

idi sjoeda =  (For the dog)

kak diela = How are you?

(My blog program couldn't read the russian letter so here it is how you would pronounce it in "normal" letters.)

New year we celebrated in Klaipeda with all the family from  my mother from Estonia. They stayed for a week in Klaipeda, we also celebrated with some friends of my brother. In total that week 15 people stayed at our place, this was kinda busy. Maybe even a little too busy. In the evening with New Year my parents and the sister from Romanna with her husband went to another party. We, the kids, were kind of home alone because the other sister has small kids. We fired some fireworks, played some games and watched a film. Further we went 1 january with everybody to the beach and this was very beautiful because the sun was just going down. It was also very very cold.


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