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New  blog 10

Sorry, sorry, sorry that you guys had to wait so long again on a new blog. I’m really sorry, but the past couple of months I was kinda busy mentally. Realizing that the end of my exchange is coming is kinda stressful, because I just want to do a lot more things in Lituania. As a gift to you, you could see a photo from me online each day a month long during my instagram challenge. In this blog I will tell what I did during recent times, about the future and how I feel at the moment etc.

When staying in The Netherlands, I left on the 23th of Februari instead of the 25th  because I had to take a TOEFL test at LCC University in Klaipeda on the 24 of February. I had to be there at 9:00 and at 10:00 the test would start. This didn’t work out so well…

At 10:30 someone came to tell that there were some technical problems, so we had to wait a little longer. Arround 12:30 the first students could enter, at 16:30 everyone was inside except a lithuanian girl and me. Around 17:00 they came to tell us we would be not able to make the test. We had to reschedule to the next occasion, which would probably be in Vilnius.

Friday March 2nd I went to Vilnius for the Toefl on Saturday. The travel between Klaipeda and Vilnius takes about 4 hours. I came at the hotel which was pretty nice. I went to sleep on time because i was kinda tired. The next day I made Toefl. After that I met with Alyssa, Edward, Indre, Malcolm, Umut, Nathaniel en Zoë. In the afternoon we went for lunch at a bar/cafe BIX Baras. They have lovely hamburgers there, I really advice those (If you are ever in Vilnius). From Saturday to Sunday Edward and Indre would sleep over at my hotel, because I had a 2-persons bed and a bedcouch. I fell asleep and around 4:30 and woke up when they asked me if I wanted to go on a adventure. My answer: “guys wtf nooo”, then I watched the time and jumped out of my bed. We went to see the sunrise on a kind of “mountain” in the centrum of Vilnius. Sadly there were to many clouds and not a really visible sun. But the Mac Donald is already open at 7:00, so we ate breakfast there. In the afternoon after 2 hours of sleep we were so tired that we all went home.

I have been swimmig in pools with saunas, which was pretty comfortable and relaxing. Further I went to some party’s, I often visited the sea because it was very lovely weather and a I had to take a lot “photoshoots” because of my instagram challenge with Alyssa. I will put some extra photos from the challenge in the photoalbum.

Also I played some basketball games which is kind of new for my blog, it is a lot harder then expected. Communication is going better each time, but of course not fully clear. In the poul we became 5th, that means that we play against number 4 in the play offs (Panev?žys). The first game out we lost with 12 points and the second game at home we lost with 21 points. Sadly there didn’t come a 3th game and we are not going to the final four.

A lot ot people ask me “What are you going to do after Lithuania?” Here is a kind of answer: I honestly don’t know yet.

At the moment my feelings are really a mess. The end of my exchange is coming, I have a very nice but busy time coming. Times which will be very emotional and will be exhausting as well. I will go for a basketball trip to New York, After that I will be a few days in The Netherlands and fly back to Lithuania. When I’m back in Lithuania I will have an “End of the year seminar”  with my orginisation YFU and I also have to say goodbye to the most of the exchange students. Then one more week to say goodbye to a all the lithuanian people and then I will leave to YES in Berlin. This is an end camp with exchangestudents from all over the world.  On the 1st of July I  will leave Berlin and go back to The Netherlands.

I can’t realize that I’m already 8 months in Lithuania, sadly that this year went so fast. I’m really enjoying it here in Lithuania and everyone who was part of this year I really want to thank. It was not always that easy going to a VMBO school if you already possess a HAVO diploma. This was sometimes  (pretty) hard for my motivation. Also the fact that I had to wait for a player license for 6 months because of bureaucracy gave me a very hard time. People here don’t speak English as well as I hoped, but I survived. I made some good memories like the trip last weekend 28/29 April a biking tour through Nida en sleeping there etc.

I didn’t accomplish all of the goals I made for myself when I came here. But I did accomplish a few: playing for a Lithuanian basketball team, becoming more independent, become more confident, make new (international) friends, making plans for the future, decide what I really want with my life.  I figured this out: I now know what I want and that's what I'm going to try to achieve. The question “What are you going to do after Lithuania?” was kind of confrontating, but still hard to answer: at this moment in time:  maybe some more news in the next blog- Cliffhanger...!

I hope that you enjoyed the blog and again sorry that it took so long, also for the English translation.

Still going strong in Lithuania,





Actually 10 months almost and not 8 ://

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